OmegaKnot All Suture Anchor is used for various types of Soft Tissue Repair in shoulder arthroscopic procedures, especially for SLAP, BANKART, and Rotator Cuff Repair.

Unlike conventional suture anchors, it compresses inside of the drill hole and becomes seated in the bone to work as an anchor body.

Available in size of 1.5mm(single Loaded with #2 Mega suture), 1.8mm(double Loaded with #1 Mega suture), and 2.9mm(double/triple Loaded with #2 Mega suture, self punching).

Ordering Information

    Omegaknot Suture Anchor
  1.5mm Single Loaded(Violet) #2 Mega suture
  1.8mm Double Loaded (Violet,White/Green) #Mega suture
  2.9mm Double Loaded (Violet,White/Green) #Mega suture
  2.9mm Triple Loaded (Violet,White/Green,Blue) #Mega suture
  Drill for 1.5mm 1.8mm OmegaKnot
  Punch for 2.9mm OmegaKnot
  Guide(curved 25, straight) for 1.5mm 1.8mm OmegaKnot

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