Welcome to ARC-Korea

ARC-Korea is an orthopedic medical device company and we have been supplying the best products for patients for their healthy life since its establishment in 2006.

We are drastically investing in research and development in the orthopedic medical device market to equip the best technology and quality competitiveness, and we are also constantly striving for orthopedic medical device localization and to advance to global medical device markets. ARC-Korea will become the world class company based on the quality and the highest level of technical competitiveness through continuous research and development efforts.

Ever since its founding, the best asset for the company was always ‘people’. With the philosophy, we will continue to strengthen our talent management.

ARC-Korea will make every effort to create a new Paradigm in the orthopedic medical device industry with constant challenge and reliability, and we will actively practice our social responsibility that we grow up together with people, environment, and community. We are asking for your warm support to and interest in ARC-Korea, which will steadily challenge and grow to be one of the best medical device companies.

Thank you.