Omegaknot Flat

Omegaknot Flat is used for various soft Tissue Repair, especially when it is used for SLAP, BANKART, or Rotator Cuff Repair.
Unlike some other ordinary anchors, it has no Anchor Body. Instead, it is made up of its body by combining Shuture inside the Bone.
The “Balancing Strap” that holds both ends of the sleeve allows the sleeve to be securely fastened to the Bone without pulling to one side.

There are three sizes: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, and 2.9mm. 1.5mm is one line, 1.8mm is two lines, and 2.9mm is equipped with two and three lines of sutures. 2.9mm is self-punchable.

Brief instruction ; perform a drill that fits on to its volume of shaft, inserting an encore and seal it.

Ordering Information

Omegaknot Suture Anchor
Model Description
OMK-15-31A 1.5mm Single Loaded(Whitre/Green) #2 Mega suture
OMK-18-32G 1.8mm Double Loaded (Violet, White/Green) #Mega suture
OMK-29-32G 2.9mm Double Loaded (Violet, White/Green) #Mega suture
OMK-29-33Q 2.9mm Triple Loaded (Violet, White/Green, Blue) #Mega suture
Model Description
OMK-1000 Drill for 1.5mm 1.8mm OmegaKnot
OMK-2000 Guide straight for 1.5 OmegaKnot
OMK-3000 Guide curved 25° for 1.5mm 1.8mm OmegaKnot
OMK-4000 Punch for 2.9mm OmegaKnot
OMK-5000 Drill for 2.9mm OmegaKnot
OMK-6000 Guide for 2.9mm OmegaKnot