Mega Suture Anchor Plus – Medial


High tensile and knot strength in cortical bone with double pitch thread design

Open space inside of screw helps bone growth to allow bone marrow and blood flow

Appling whole screw shape for strong fixation power

Bio-Composite Material use

Anchor Size: Ø4.5 X 18 mm, Ø5.5 X 19.5mm

Ordering Information

Mega Suture Anchor
Model Description
BMA-45-12G Ø4.5 , Double Loaded [Violet, w/Green]
BMA-45-13G Ø4.5 , Triple Loaded [Violet, w/Green, Blue]
BMA-55-12G Ø5.5 , Double Loaded [Violet, w/Green]
BMA-55-13G Ø5.5 , Triple Loaded [Violet, w/Green, Blue]
Model Description
BMA-4518-TAP Reusable Tapper
BMA-4518-AWL Reusable Awl
BMA-5519-TAP Reusable Tapper
BMA-5519-AWL Reusable Awl