Mega Suture Anchor Plus – Knotless


Double pitch thread design to Inner screw for high tensile and knot strength in cortical bone

In-Out screw structure applied for strong fixation with suture

Wing type design in our screw helps secure fixation with inner screw

Eyelet of the anchor designed to allow 7 sutures at the same time

Anchor Size: Ø4.75mm x 25.5mm

Ordering Information

Mega Suture Anchor
Model Description
BMA-47-21A Ø4.75 , Knotless [ w/Green ]
BMA-47-21C Ø4.75 , Knotless [ w/Violet ]
BMA-47-21D Ø4.75 , Knotless [ w/Blue ]
BLA-4750-BC225-2 Ø4.75 , Knotless [ Violet ]
Model Description
BLA-4750-Punch Reusable Punch